AgileRules was formed by two Java architects who were working on large projects and interacting with business users. They realized the time lost when the user requirement travels from the user through the analyst, architect & to the developer for even small requests.

The experience in working in telecom and hospitality industries where the need for quick promotions and many upsells made them realize the need for a more user driven product to manage such changes without having to go to a developer.

Their interest turned towards BRMS and BPM arena which fit perfectly with their vision to help users take control!

Malini Krishnamurthy

Malini has been in the software industry for more than 15 years providing end-to-end solutions in varied domains. She has been a solution provider, project manager, database expert and Quality auditor (ISO, SEI CMM) during these years. Her experience includes consulting, new product development and converting large legacy systems to latest technology. Problem solving, quick turnaround and adapting to change are her key qualities leading to success. She is certified in various Java Technologies, Project Management, BRMS & BPM

Srinivasan Sethuraman

Srini has been in the software industry for about 20 years. He has an extreme penchant for technology and provides great in-sights over a very broad range of areas. His pet peeve is "automating the solution providing" and has seen considerable success in reducing the time required to provide end results in many projects by automating the code creation process. He is certified in various Java Technologies, Project Management, Database Administration, BRMS & BPM

Srini founded and is running a Websphere BPM User Group in the NY/NJ area.