A critical part of the IT Sourcing strategy, offshore software development provides companies with business flexibility in terms of focusing on their core competencies, while at the same time providing cost-effective solutions for their IT needs with 
  • Immediate access to talent pool
  • Retaining team knowledge
  • Long term collaboration
  • Additional capacity on demand
  • Quicker integration of varied technologies
  • Speedy application development & delivery time

At AgileRules, our offshore team is highly specialized in BRMS (ODM, Drools) and BPM (IBM BPM, JBPM). We provide all the benefits & deliver additional value in resource availability, higher quality & lower cost.

The value of an onshore/offshore engagement model values more than the associated cost benefits. We strike a balance between cost and performance and believe that a company's offshore software development resources are much more than just the low prime cost.